Building Automation Systems

Intelligent BAS should be intuitive, easy to learn, and make managing your building a simpler task!

Deml Controls specializes in Building Automation Systems (BAS). These custom systems optimize the operation of HVAC, lighting and other equipment, with resulting increased employee comfort and productivity and energy efficient operation.

What We Offer For Your HVAC, Temperature, and Lighting Controls

  • Custom design, install and commission a new BAS for your facility.
  • Upgrade, integrate, and recommission your existing BAS.
  • Monitoring and management of your building system operation.
  • Integrate and re-purpose existing BACnet, Lonworks, or Modbus equipment
  • Alarm functions to notify you, your maintenance staff or Deml technicians of any equipment failure or system working out of normal operating parameters.

What Can Be Integrated?

  • HVAC equipment, including chillers, boilers, server room cooling systems, VRF systems, lighting controls, air compressors, energy meters, and process equipment can all be integrated into one system.

Installation and Commissioning

  • We will train your facility management staff to operate and maintain your building system and provide them with accurate building system manuals.
  • We include your staff in the commissioning process.
  • We aim for ongoing communication between all possible members of a commissioning team and will work with your facility’s manager and staff for fine tuning after initial handover and again for ongoing training and review.
  • We also provide ongoing HVAC service and maintenance to supplement your needs.
BAS Building Automation System

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