Energy Monitoring and Management

Positively impact your operating expenses and productivity with a energy monitoring and management program!

We can help you decrease your utility spending by monitoring your facility's energy usage and managing your energy using systems and equipment. We can do the same for your water consumption. We can perform a building energy analysis to help you apply for rebate programs through Focus on Energy or your local utility service.
We can install meters and submeters (gas, electric and water) to monitor: all of your facility, part of your facility, or a specific piece of equipment. Alarm functions can also notify staff when equipment is malfunctioning or not operating within normal parameter levels.
Data is collected through our integrated BAS system and is used to help manage energy use by such means as shedding loads, increasing or decreasing ventilation rates, turning equipment off and on, or resetting control set points.
Working with you, we custom build your data reports, which are then emailed to your facility manager on a specified basis. Data analysis services are also available.

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