Retrofit Solutions – BAS/HVAC

Do your systems require constant maintenance? Costly repairs and expensive parts? Are they difficult to regulate? Give us a call

At Deml Controls, we specialize in retrofit solutions. We want you to have predictable, efficient, and low maintenance HVAC systems that fit in your budget.

We take an experienced, comprehensive approach to evaluating your systems by analyzing all current BAS and HVAC equipment and prioritizing your goals and needs to ensure your retrofit is as quick and seamless as possible.


We evaluate your current systems in light of your current and future goals and needs for your facility.  We upgrade, integrate and retro-commission your existing equipment and install and commission new equipment as required to make your facility meet its needs and your goals.  We follow up with a comprehensive service and maintenance plan and offer you an energy monitoring and management program.  We can also evaluate and help you improve your indoor air quality.

For more information on retrofits, call us today: (608) 779-5202